Racquet Buddies

Media & Press Releases

Racquet Buddies continues to grow at a phenomenal speed, both locally and nationally. We have been featured in a number of media and press releases and you can read all about them here.

A local Dundee newspaper featured an article into Racquet Buddies in January 2020. The article shows an insight into the life of our founder, Hayley Donnelly, including how Racquet Buddies came to being and a more personal take on the business. You can see the press release by clicking here.

Our first press release to gain national coverage was printed in January 2020. This details our plans for financing opportunities across Scotland. You can read the press release here from the insider.co.uk. and here from The Scotsman

During the global Pandemic in April 2020, Andy Murray challenged his fans globally to undertake the “100 volley challenge”. The Racquet Buddies creative attempt was documented in the Dundee Courier. You can read, and watch, the story here.