The Programme

Toddlers – (Parent/Guardian must be present throughout each session)

  • Basic hitting techniques – using a range of equipment including balloons, sponge balls, fluff balls and racquets, children will gain confidence and enjoyment in improving hand-eye coordination and use and apply these techniques to fun games.
  • Basic movement patterns - children will enjoy exploring different ways in which their bodies can move, for example running, skipping, side-stepping, hopping, through a variety of fun practices.
  • Social interaction – children will have the opportunity to interact with others and have fun with them during games and practices.

Toddlers – Class times:

  • Monday 10am-11am at Bullionfield Hall, Invergowrie (age 2+).
  • Thursday 1:30pm-2:30pm at Douglas Sports Centre, Dundee (age 3+).
  • Friday 1pm-2pm at Millennium Hall, Birkhill (age 2 - 3½).
  • Friday 2pm-3pm at Millennium Hall, Birkhill (age 3½ - 5).
  • Coming in October: Tuesday 1:30pm - 2:30pm Lochside Leisure Centre, Forfar (age 2+).

Children P1 – P3

  • Basic hitting techniques – children will learn the basic skills of various strokes within badminton, underarm and overhead, through fun games and activities. They will be aware of the basic strokes and be able to try these in isolation through various practices. (clear, drop shot, smash, lift and net shot) They will know the forehand and backhand grips and use these to practise serving at their own pace.
  • Basic movement patterns – children will be aware of various ways to move when playing badminton, particularly running, chassis-step, the importance of the side-on position and lunging onto their racquet leg. This will be incorporated into fun activities such as using reaction balls in pairs/groups. Children will also know about and practise moving back to a base position after each stroke.
  • Social interaction – children will work together to improve skills within the class and help each other to improve their play.

Children P4 – P7

  • Hitting techniques – children will be able to try each stroke through various fun activities and try to apply these to more competitive situations. They will have the opportunity to develop these strokes at their own pace and link them together to begin to develop an awareness of tactics. They will be able to apply the forehand and backhand grips to the appropriate positions on the court to outmanoeuvre their opponent.
  • Movement patterns - children will be able to practise moving to various parts of the court. This will be done through activities such as shadow badminton to help isolate the movements and remove the pressure of hitting the shuttle at the same time. As they progress they will be able to incorporate this movement into their strokes.
  • Social interaction – children will take some responsibility for their own learning and development through helping feed for each other and giving feedback to improve strokes/movement. They will be given the chance to play doubles and develop cooperation and empathy in each other’s’ performance.

Primary School - Class times:

  • Wednesday 5pm-6pm at Lynch Centre, Dundee.