Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read through our terms and conditions carefully.  By signing up to classes with Racquet Buddies, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.

Racquet Buddies Ltd (and its coaches) is fully insured through the Badminton Scotland coaching membership.  However, by enrolling your child in a Racquet Buddies class, you do so at your own and your child/children’s risk and Racquet Buddies, its owners, employees and coaches will not be liable for personal injury to any participant or of personal property in the premises at any time during any of our sessions.  If personal property is left at class, it will be kept for a month in order to be reclaimed.

1. Class Conditions

All classes are 60 minutes and run for 40 weeks a year.  Classes will be taught by coaches who are trained in how to deliver Racquet Buddies’ teaching scheme and ethos.

2. Booking conditions

We can provisionally book your child into a class and hold the booking for a maximum of 48 hours upon receipt of your booking request.  In order to secure the booking, a non-refundable deposit of £15 (2 weeks’ sessions) per child should be paid by bank transfer or by card payment. In addition to this, the booking form (which can be found on our website, should be completed with all relevant information.

3. Annual registration fee and class fees

An annual registration fee will be paid in addition to class fees and the amount depends on when the child enrols for the year.  The annual fee is as follows:

  • August – September £50 
  • October – December £45
  • January – March £40
  • April – June £35

The annual registration fee covers the cost of the current year’s t-shirt, a racquet, and the ongoing cost of t-shirt transfers which are applied to their t-shirts every 10weeks.  The Racquet Buddies year commences in August after the school summer holidays.

Each class at Racquet Buddies costs £7.50 and after the initial deposit to secure the booking (£15), the class fees are paid in a block payment which runs concurrently with the school term in the area.  These can range between 6-10 weeks.

If enrolling more than one child, there is a 10% discount on class fees for each family’s booking.

4. Payment policy

Payments must be received in full for the block, prior to the first day of the block.  Payments are set up using the Stripe platform, accessed via the booking section of our website.

5. Cancellation policy

We make every effort to run all our classes/sessions as scheduled.  However, in the event of illness/other personal circumstances of the coach, we will notify you via SMS (to the number provided in your application) as soon as possible if a class/session has to be cancelled.  If there is a cancellation, an alternative will be provided, for example online activities to substitute the activities within the planned session and if this is not possible, the cost of the class(es) will be subtracted from the cost of the following block.  If the child is not returning for the following block, a refund will be given.

If a child misses a class due to illness/injury/personal reasons, a refund cannot be given.  However, if a prolonged absence takes place where a child is unable to take part (more than 3 weeks), a refund may be granted.  A child may be able to attend another class if this is requested.

6. Parent/Guardian attendance

We require the presence and participation of a parent/guardian throughout the class for our toddlers (pre-school age).

Parental accompaniment is not required for school-aged children, although we suggest that they are within close proximity (no more than 20 minutes away) in case they are required.  Please ensure that children are collected on time, where possible, and notify the coach in charge if they are going to be late.

7. Class etiquette

Please arrive on time for your child’s/children’s class as the first 10 minutes of each session allows the children time to feel settled and secure prior to class activities commencing.  Children should, where possible, wear their Racquet Buddies t-shirt at our classes.

In toddler classes, the coach is not responsible for the behaviour of the children, although every effort will be made to encourage good listening and behaviour using a range of strategies.  This responsibility lies with the parent/guardian.

In primary-aged classes, the coach has control over their classes and children, and we reserve the right to ask any children to leave on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour.  This will then be discussed with the child and their parent/guardian/carer in attendance.

8. Class photos

Our coaches take photos or the children at Racquet Buddies for sharing with parents and for marketing and promotional usage which may include our website, social media and flyers.  Please complete our photograph consent form prior to your child’s first class.

9. Sports clothing and footwear

It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to ensure their children are dressed in appropriate clothing and footwear for each class.  Upon registering and paying the annual membership fee, your child’s Racquet Buddies t-shirt will be ordered and this, along with comfortable clothing and appropriate sports shoes/trainers, should be worn at our classes.

10. Health and Safety

You must not bring your child to Racquet Buddies if they have any illness that could be spread to other children or coaches.  Please do not bring your child to class for 48 hours if they have been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to disclose to Racquet Buddies any condition that could impact your child’s capabilities at class and have an affect on other participants and staff.

A copy of Racquet Buddies’ full terms and conditions can be requested from any representative of the company, or can be found at our website www.racquetbuddies.co.uk