Our engaging, fun and structured classes introduce racquet sports to young children in a way that is unique and focuses on children’s overall development.  The sporting and educational foundations on which our lesson plans are built ensure that many aspects of learning are taken into account – social development, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, listening and talking, following instructions and building self-esteem and confidence to name a few!

The most important thing for everyone at Racquet Buddies, our class teachers, parents and children alike, is to have FUN!  This helps us ensure that the learning environment is just right for our Buddies and creates a supportive and caring experience that they won’t forget!


Moving into the infant primary years, our Buddies are introduced to the rules of badminton and progress onto shuttlecocks if they haven’t already done so within toddler sessions.  Our primary Buddies learn the names of specific shots and also the lines on the court to gain a basic understanding of the game as a whole.  They develop this through fun games and activities, where progression is made as the children improve.

Age 2-5

In the toddler years, our Buddies learn skills transferable to badminton and tennis through play using games and activities that encourage them to use various skills that lead on to perfecting their overheads, forehands and backhands!  Within the hour, they engage with their parent/carer to work on these skills, begin to develop and practise simple footwork patterns, while also taking part in team activities to promote team building and sense of belonging.


By the time our Buddies reach the upper primary years, they can move onto more competitive game situations since footwork and specific shots have already been established, allowing them to move to the next phase of the game.  We also encourage them to think about the most appropriate shots to use at specific times, helping them to become independent and reflective learners.  However, this doesn’t mean that our upper primary Buddies have less fun that the younger Buddies, since it’s just as important for our P7s to have FUN as it is for our 2year olds!

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