Become a Racquet Buddies Franchise

Make your job one that feels less like work and more like fun!

Racquet Buddies is now available to be franchised nationwide as we start our quest to increase the number of Buddies taking part in our classes each week. What started as a small business is slowly but surely expanding and we are now in a position for like-minded, determined and enthusiastic people with a passion for racquet sports to take Racquet Buddies to the next level and start our little Buddies on their racquet sports journey.

It is essential that our franchisees have the drive and self-motivation to make Racquet Buddies a success in their area. There has been increasing demand for classes in a number of areas so there has never been a better time to get involved and grow the number of Buddies across the country!

If you are interested in becoming a Racquet Buddies franchisee, please complete the form below and our owner, Hayley, will be in touch. While a teaching/childcare qualification is preferable, all applicants will be contacted to discuss previous experience in working with children and what potential franchisees can bring to the company.

Please note that franchisees are required to make an initial investment.

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Franchise Benefits

  • Recognised name
  • Flexibile working hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Professional training
  • Discounted equipment
  • Lesson packs/activity manuals provided
  • And much much more

What can Racquet Buddies do for you?

Taking a Racquet Buddies franchise can be a life-changing decision, and the best decision you’ll ever make. Our owner, Hayley, found the perfect work-life balance and delivering Racquet Buddies classes has given her the best of both worlds in terms of working hard, playing hard and spending lots of quality time with her family.

“Racquet Buddies has given me the freedom to design my own work schedule around my family life, and I can now take my sons to and from school which I wouldn’t be able to do if I was sticking to the day job full-time. My hours are based around what works best for us as a family and although I work extremely hard to find my little Buddies for classes and maintain this, I have never been happier in my work – the enjoyment means that ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work. I have a passion for racquet sports and making a difference in children’s lives, so this was the perfect career move for me, and one that I intend to work even harder to develop throughout the country.”

Choose to come aboard with Racquet Buddies and it’ll be a decision we guarantee you will never regret!

What makes a good Racquet Buddies franchisee?

In order to be a successful franchisee, you must be self-motivated, driven and determined to make an impact for our young Buddies. Taking enjoyment from working with young children and helping them to grow and develop is key, as is finding out what makes each Buddy tick. It is essential that our franchisees have a passion for sport, especially racquet sports, and also the want to make a positive impact on the lives of the young children taking part and their parents/carers. The opportunity to facilitate a bonding experience for parents to make lasting memories with their children is a privilege and one which is hugely rewarding. In becoming a Racquet Buddies franchisee, you are committing to develop the overall health of our Buddies, both physically and mentally, including making a positive impact on their confidence and self-esteem.

The cost of a Racquet Buddies franchise currently starts at £10k (plus the cost of the full kit – £2500) which is very competitive in the current market for similar businesses. Being competitive in the market is important for us, but we think we offer you more for your money. such as offering a bigger territory to work from thus increasing your chance of success and the opportunity to make a substantial income. See our section on why Racquet Buddies is a good investment for more details of our unique attributes.

If you would like to find out more information, please complete our form above and Hayley will be in touch as soon as possible.

What makes a Racquet Buddies franchise a good investment?

Racquet Buddies takes a very personal approach to building our team and looks to provide our franchisees with all the support necessary to make your franchise a successful one. In working closely with our franchisees, we take a team stance on the development of our programme, welcoming feedback and new ideas to progress the programme further.

We offer our franchisees a much larger territory to operate from than other franchises available, meaning that the opportunity to offer classes to more children is increased, as is the potential to make a substantial income. As well as a large territory, we also offer ongoing support to our franchisees who are given access to lesson packs and manuals, for both ages 2-5 and ages 5-12. This is another way that we stand out from the crowd. We are in the process of expanding the programme to cater for ages 12-18 and this should be available in the next 2-3years. Another of our unique aspects is the wide and extensive range of equipment and resources that are used to deliver the programme, meaning engagement and motivation are obvious in our young people, with boredom nowhere to be seen!

Our programme is based on our founder’s experience in international badminton and also in primary teaching where she worked for more than 10 years. Because of this, our programme is focused not only on a sporting perspective, but also on the educational value that we add, meaning that our Buddies are benefiting hugely from our classes for their overall development. Training in tennis/badminton is provided, as is the extensive kit and equipment required to run our classes. A paediatric first aid qualification is also included to ensure the safety of our little Buddies at all times. Marketing materials are given to franchisees to support advertising of the classes they are delivering, and a dedicated section on our main website is also set up.