What is Racquet Buddies Education?

What is Racquet Buddies Education?

Racquet Buddies Education is revolutionising education, for both teachers and pupils, through racquet sports with a brand new programme!

Racquet Buddies Education is an exciting and unique resource for teachers that provides a clear pathway between tennis and/or badminton and all curricular areas.

Through linking progressive and easy to follow practical PE lessons with related literature and media, children’s learning is real and meaningful, giving them a holistic and fun experience through racquet sports.

What are the benefits of the Racquet Buddies Education programme?

For pupils:

  • contextualised learning which allows pupils to learn, link and apply knowledge across all areas of the curriculum,
  • can see the relevance of their learning across various curricular areas within the context of racquet sports which in turn, will increase learner engagement,
  • have access to, and take part in, high quality PE with breadth and depth of learning and progression present throughout,
  • gain physical and mental health benefits from taking part, for example hand-eye coordination, speed, core stability and strength, as well as determination and resilience, increases in confidence and self-esteem, and learning to control and channel emotions in a positive way,
  • learn transferable life skills such as working with others, the importance of empathy, how to overcome disappointment and how to learn from mistakes.

For teachers:

  • a ready-made and easily accessible resource containing high quality PE lessons, available as visual content and in written form in PDF format, focused on generic racquet sports at Early Level and a choice of tennis or badminton at First and Second Levels,
  • accompanying cross-curricular lesson packs that are connected to books/films/series with tennis/badminton at the core,
  • a range of lesson suggestions to choose from that can be implemented into planning and teaching, allowing scope for teachers to use creativity and professional judgement, with the associated Experiences and Outcomes in each lesson highlighted throughout.